Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve; to assist them in having an improved life so they, in turn, can become productive members of society.


  • They are valued and their voice is heard
  • Their placement in a facility will meet their unique needs, skills and expectations.
  • They will be supported at all times and mentored if needed.
  • They will be compensated well for their skills. TX-STAR’s goal is not to have the most personnel. It is to have quality personnel. We offer a competitive salary; some of the highest rates in the area.
  • TX-STAR attempts to be a one-stop shop. Schools and facilities are
    able to locate all the therapeutic and diagnostic staff they need in
    one place.
  • Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists,
    Diagnosticians, Psychologists, Licensed Specialists in School
TX-STAR plans to be a leading provider of therapeutic and diagnostic services to the people across Texas by providing quality services in an affordable way.



Probably the most important is the one word that embodies the character that TX-STAR is looking for in its staff. Principle, honesty, sincerity, responsibility and trustworthiness are expected in each professional.


The client should be able to depend on the therapist to be where they are supposed to be, and to give 100% of themselves at all times.


Each professional should abide by the ethics outlined by their professional association and governing body.


Any professional who works with special needs populations has chosen their field because they care. That should show in all their therapist-client relationships.


Be willing to do what it takes to complete the job in top-notch fashion.