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Who is TX-STAR?

We are a team of dedicated and experienced therapeutic and education professionals passionate about providing services and solutions to Texas schools and Texas families.

What is Our Mission?

Our legacy dates back to 2010 when TX-STAR was founded by Mrs. Georgia Johnson, SLP. A highly respected and trusted speech language pathologist and administrator who dedicated her professional life and career to the development of children through her expertise and passion for delivering speech-language therapy to children in Texas schools. From the beginning, Georgia’s work ethic and attention to detail evolved into the reputation, operating philosophy and Core Values for which we  follow to this day: 

Hard Work
Passion for Serving People

Today, TX-STAR has evolved into the premier therapy staffing and therapy services company in Texas! From North Dallas to the RGV, Beaumont to El Paso, our services and our therapists go wherever services are needed. From speech therapists to occupational therapy specialists, we do it all. What sets us apart from the rest is simple:

Our Values
Our Culture
Our People
Our Expertise

“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.” — Jana Stanfield

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Georgia Johnson, Founder

Mrs. Johnson earned her masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Southwest Texas State University. She began her career as the Coordinator of the Language Program at the Austin State School where she worked with low incidence populations. While she went on to work in schools for most of her career, she also has experience in Rehabilitation Centers, Early Childhood Programs, Nursing Facilities and Private Clinics. She has studied at Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University and The Medical University of South Carolina to enhance her professional skills.

She wore a variety of hats during her professional career including teacher, therapist, administrator, and many more. Georgia demonstrated exceptional leadership and knowledge skills and followed her dream of matching therapists skills to schools in areas of need, specifically rural areas. This pursuit evolved into increased opportunities for her to continue to grow as her reputation preceded her. The TX-STAR Speech-Language Team is composed of a team of therapists that have spent decades wearing the TX-STAR badge. Thus, launching TX-STAR into many long term relationships for a small business with multiple Texas schools. She and her husband currently live on their ranch south of San Antonio.

Speech Therapy in San Antonio

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