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TX-STAR is the premier therapy staffing and therapy services company in Texas! We fill in open SLP jobs in San Antonio and other key areas. From North Dallas to the RGV, Beaumont to El Paso, our services and our therapists go wherever services are needed. We’re experts in the field of helping Texas schools address critical staffing needs, training and developing staff, and keeping schools in compliance with state regulations.

We also recognize that not all therapy needs can be met in the school setting. As a result, we provide families with access to professional resources to address needs outside of the school setting.

Services For Schools

Therapy and Intervention Staffing:

We specialize in providing schools with the staff they need, filling in open SLP jobs in San Antonio, Texas, to manage and deliver on the expectations and demands of intervention therapy programs in schools. Our broad and robust network of therapists are standing by to step in and support your team. Our therapists can provide direct services to include individual or group sessions provided in the classroom, school or community setting. These services can be provided either virtually or in person. Feeling the crunch? TX-STAR is ready to deploy the following disciplines on a full time, part time, or PRN basis.

Some of our experienced therapists include but are not limited to:

Special Education Support Solutions:

The TX-STAR Team is composed of special education administrators and professionals with combined experience of over 100 years. Our experience gives us an understanding of everything that needs to happen behind the scenes. Whether you need an interim Special Education Director or Coordinator or need to fill in open SLP jobs in San Antonio or need expertise to support an upcoming audit, we are ready to provide the support you need. We will demonstrate the industry knowledge and attention to detail needed to have success with your student record systems.

TX-STAR can help maximize district resources by providing support with the following:

Training and Development Solutions:

Our experienced special education staff stays abreast of current trends with new technologies and developments in research-based practices. Coupled with our experience delivering training and development programs in schools we are ready to support your staff’s training and development needs.

Our training curriculum program includes but is not limited to the following:


The core of our mission is to provide assessment services in order to assist schools in meeting students needs in a timely manner while ensuring legal timeline requirements. Covid learning loss has taken its toll on students and campuses are reeling from the effects. 

TX-STAR can provide the staff to provide a multitude of assessments on a short or long term basis.

Services For Texas Families

Therapy and Testing:

TX-STAR recognizes that public schools can’t always address the needs of families. As a result, TX-STAR offers Family Services to provide access to effective testing and therapy outside the school setting. If you are a parent or family in need of therapy resources outside the school setting, we are here to serve. Contact us today for a free phone consultation on how we might be able to service your family needs. Some of the areas we may be able to help include but are not limited to the following:

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